Malkit Shoshan. 010 Publishers 2010

Atlas of the Conflict Israel - Palestine

Malkit Shoshan

The Atlas of the Conflict maps the processes and mechanisms behind the shaping of Israel-Palestine over the past 100 years. Over 500 maps and diagrams provide a detailed territorial analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, explored through themes such as borders, settlements, land ownership, archaeological and cultural heritage sites, control of natural resources, landscaping, wars and treaties. A lexicon, drawing on many different information sources, provides a commentary on the conflict from various perspectives. As a whole, the book offers insights not only into the specific situation of Israel-Palestine, but also into the phenomenon of spatial planning used as a political instrument.

Atlas of the Conflict. Israel-Palestine
Author: Malkit Shoshan
Publisher: 010 Publishers, Rotterdam
Language: English
480 pp
195 x 115 mm / hardcover
ISBN 978 90 6450 688 8

The book was generously supported by
The Netherlands Architecture Fund
and the Mondriaan Fund.

Book-cover map:
Malkit Shoshan and Vitala Tauz
Territoria and Border Disorder.
Israeli Pavilion, 2002 Venice Architecture Biennale

Fluctuating blue borders (website background):
Malkit Shoshan
Border Ecologies.
Harvard GSD, 2017