Malkit Shoshan. 010 Publishers 2010

ZOO or the letter Z, just After Zionism, and Atlas an exhibition at NAiM/Bureau by Malkit Shoshan

“Two white donkeys dyed with black stripes delighted Palestinian kids who never had seen a zebra in the flesh at a small Gaza zoo…”

‘The Atlas of the Conflict’ by Malkit Shoshan maps the processes and mechanism behind the shaping of Israel-Palestine over the past hundred years. It was published at the end of 2010 and used as the anchor point for a new project, ‘ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism’, which amongst others searches for ways to deal with the notion of transformation; a book into an exhibition, the domestic into the wild, a zoo into a house, captivity into freedom, a donkey into a zebra.

‘ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism’ starts at page number 437 of ‘The Atlas of the Conflict’ and continues into a fascinating exploration of ideas, snapshots and associations, that could be raised once seeing a white donkey tide with a rope, covered with beige tape and being transformed by a beautiful Palestinian boy into a zebra. This in order to fulfill the desire of the Gaza’s for normality, which in this case means possessing a zoo as a space for urban leisure.

The project is host and commissioned by Guus Beumer and the NAiM Bureau Europa

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